Company Overview

Veol Medical Technologies specializes in developing products specific to Women’s Health, with particular emphasis on the field of gynecology.

The founding principle of the company is based on making products that are efficient, effective, cost effective and most important SAFE, all within a patient first philosophy.

When created in 2008, the initial product line consisted of the Versator morcellator. And in response to market demand to increase the safety of the morcellation technique, the MorSafe® bag was introduced to the market, thereby making morcellation safer for women and once again fulfilling our founding principle.

Since founding the business in India, we have achieved our CE mark and many other country registrations, allowing us to distribute our product line world wide, selling in almost all international markets.

To fulfill our mandate, we continue to work on many new exciting products and we will be excited to share them with you in the coming future.

Team Versator

Mangesh Patankar, President

Mangesh founded Veol Medical Technologies, one of very few manufacturing firms in India focusing exclusively on Women’s Health. He possesses a strong medical and technical background, a desire to solve surgical challenges in the simplest way possible and extensive experience in medical device development. Utilizing these skills, Mangesh has developed a critical, well rounded and sound engineering team capable of delivering breakthrough solutions.

Previously, he worked with Johnson & Johnson Medical, where he helped establish and grow the Asia Pacific R&D center for medical device development.

He has filed and been granted more than 9 patents.

Kevin Norris, VP - Marketing & Sales
B.Admin - Marketing

Kevin has over 25 years of experience in executive marketing roles within the medical device industry.

Residing in North America, Kevin is responsible for directing the marketing efforts to reach out to appropriate stakeholders and ensure that we touch as many lives as possible.

Previously Kevin was responsible for finished goods sales, marketing and the development of North American and worldwide distribution channels for a private label manufacturer. With a proven track record in international business development, Kevin has been involved with the successful development and launch of new medical product lines on a worldwide basis.

He has also worked to establish a parallel manufacturing and assembly program in China on behalf of a major multi-national company in the anesthesia field.