Procedure of Use

  • MorSafe® is fully inserted into an inflated abdominal cavity with the help of specially designed introducer. Excised tissue such as a uterus or myoma is placed into the MorSafe® by using blunt graspers and the two ends of the MorSafe® are removed from two ports.
    [Pull out the big opening of MorSafe® from 15mm port & Tail from umbilical port by switching the camera to side port]
  • Pass a blunt trocar through the hole present on the tail end of the MorSafe® and desufflate the abdomen. Pass a camera through this trocar and insufflate the MorSafe® Tissue Morcellation bag
  • MorSafe® is then insufflated and Versator® tissue morcellator can be introduced into the MorSafe® for safe morcellation procedure.
  • After procedure tying a knot at the small tail end of MorSafe® facilitates in its closure and safe removal of the shredded tissue and blood contents contained in the bag without any leaks.

...More details about safe morcellation is present in product IFU

Clinical benefits

  • Prevention of spillage of contents of morcellation in the abdomen.
  • Saves time spent in collecting small fragments of tissue left after morcellation.
  • Reduces regrowth of tissue fragments left behind after morcellation.
  • Protects surrounding tissue while morcellation as the bowels and other organs are pushed away from the field.

Reduces adhesion formation as the tissue handling is reduced.